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  1. UNK
    1. MCULE-1133955731

    2. Component type: Unknown
mcule product ID Supplier Catalog Purity (%) Product matching Availability Updated
P-588246979 AK Scientific Building Blocks 95 As is in stock March 6
P-588199123 Advamacs (TriMen Chemicals) All 95 As is in stock April 18
P-580247972 Aldlab Chemicals Building Block Custom Synth 95 As is by synthesis April 8, 2017
P-579478229 DC Chemicals Limited Stock Products 98 As is in stock September 10, 2018
P-579267286 Princeton Biomolecular Research Screening Compounds 90 As is in stock January 1
P-579696923 Sinova Inc. Building Blocks (on-demand) N/A As is in stock March 23, 2017
P-580050838 TargetMol In-stock Building Blocks N/A As is 924 mg January 1
P-33162979 TimTec ActiMol 1 Week 90 As is 144 mg April 1, 2014
P-464681323 VITAS M CHEMICAL LIMITED Organic Building Blocks 90 As is in stock June 29, 2017
P-35124750 VITAS M CHEMICAL LIMITED Screening compounds 90 As is unavailable November 9
Property Value
Components 1
Mass 278.429
logP 5.6605
H-bond acceptors 2
H-bond donors 1
Rotatable bonds 13
PSA 37.3
RO5 violations 1
RO3 violations 2
Refractivity 88.9898
Atoms 50
Rings 0
Heavy atoms 20
Hydrogen atoms 30
Heteroatoms 2
N/O atoms 2
Inorganic atoms 0
Halogen atoms 0
Chiral centers 0
R/S chiral centers 0
Unknown chiral centers 0
Undefined chiral centers 0
Stereo double bonds 3
Cis/trans stereo double bonds 0
Unknown stereo double bonds 3
Undefined stereo double bonds 0