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Mcule Research Accelerator Program

How mcule works

What is this program about?

We started the Accelerator Program to help scientists generating new chemical starting points for their drug discovery projects. Mcule is an online, integrated drug discovery platform. One of Mcule's main strength is that it can help to quickly identify new chemical starting points for targets by virtual screening. You can search for novel ligands in over 5 million commercially available compounds (Mcule database). In Mcule, you can prepare and run virtual screens by just a few clicks online and we can help you if you need advice.

What do I get if I participate?

Easy access to powerful tools and computational resources that will help you to find novel ligands. We can adjust the set of tools and resources according to your project needs, but you can take a look at this list as a starting point.

How can I participate?

If you are a PhD or undergraduate student, or working for an academic / non-profit institution, you can participate by sending us a short project proposal (max 1 page): what would you like to achieve and how your participation will make an impact on your research. We favor applications that include experimental validation. Please submit applications to: info@mcule.com, subject: Application to Research Accelerator Program

For more information, please check our blog post.