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Mcule Compound Sourcing

High quality compound database, advanced compound selection, automated price optimization and professional delivery service.

Instant Quote

  • Online compound selection, quote calculation, ordering and tracking
  • Eliminates unnecessary e-mail communications
  • Fully automated, customizable solution
  • Calculates the best price and fastest delivery quotes
  • Compares and optimizes compound prices, supplier discounts, small order fees, delivery costs, customs duties and reformatting options
  • Allows to exclude compounds based on their effective price
  • On-the-fly price recalculation
  • Reduces screening compound sourcing costs especially for large orders where manual optimization is not possible (many suppliers, different price schemes, delivery options, etc.)

Learn more about Instant Quote on Mcule's online documentation site »

Smart Compound Selection

  • Up-to-date and comprehensive database of commercially available compounds powered by Mcule Advanced Curation (MAC)
  • Basic and advanced compound selection tools
  • Filter by product properties (purity, available amount, price...)
  • Eliminate unwanted structures (SMARTS rules, physicochemical property filter)
  • Maximize chemical space coverage (large-scale diversity selection)
  • Online cheminformatic system for compound management (store, merge, modify, import, export and share molecule collections)
  • Convenient interface utilizing the most recent web technology

Professional Delivery

  • Single-package delivery (free-of-charge)
  • Custom reformatting (custom vials/plates, extra weighting, DMSO solutions)
  • Temperature controlled shipment for DMSO solutions
  • Online tracking (free-of-charge)
  • Door-to-door delivery (free-of-charge)
  • Full customs clearance for US and EU customers (free-of-charge)

Learn more about Compound Sourcing on Mcule's online documentation site »

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"The service of mcule.com helped our company to find compounds quickly and smoothly."
Michelle Butler, Senior Research Scientist at Microbiotix, Inc.

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