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You can finally focus on science and let Instant Quote calculate the best offers for your compounds on-the-fly!

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  2. Run a SEARCH »
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All new Mcule customers get 10% discount from the first compound order placed with Instant Quote *
(* offer valid until 31st of March 2014)

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What is Instant Quote?

On-the-fly price and delivery time calculation for chemicals. Our unique algorithm calculates the optimal supplier selection for your compounds.

What's the big deal?

Compounds are available from multiple suppliers at very different prices and in different conditions. To find the best offer that meets all your criteria, you need to build up an up-to-date database of available compounds and calculate compound prices, supplier discounts, small order fees, delivery costs, customs duties, special formatting options, etc. Instant Quote calculates the best price and fastest delivery offers from all the available choices by searching among millions of products from various suppliers. It helps you to finalize your compound order based on several information, including the effective price of each compound. No more long email communications, negotiations, price quotes, phone calls. From now on, it is just Instant Quote.
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