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Name File
SDF P-852386949.sdf
SMILES P-852386949.smiles
Standard InChI P-852386949.inchi
InChIKey P-852386949.txt
mcule product ID Supplier Catalog Guaranteed purity (%) Product matching Availability
P-852386949 Matrix Scientific All N/A in stock
Property Value
Components 1
Mass 175.654
logP 1.5641
H-bond acceptors 2
H-bond donors 0
Rotatable bonds 2
PSA 20.31
RO5 violations 0
RO3 violations 0
Refractivity 50.263
Atoms 25
Rings 1
Heavy atoms 11
Hydrogen atoms 14
Heteroatoms 3
N/O atoms 2
Inorganic atoms 0
Halogen atoms 1
Chiral centers 1
R/S chiral centers 0
Unknown chiral centers 0
Undefined chiral centers 1
Stereo double bonds 0
Cis/trans stereo double bonds 0
Unknown stereo double bonds 0
Undefined stereo double bonds 0